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AF Spray Duster 400ml Non-Flammable ASDU400D Pack of 1 100% Ozone-friendly. Non-flammable pure compressed gas for removing microscopic dust lint and other contaminants from hard to reach areas. Ideal for computers keyboards printers fax machines audio/video equipment VCRs CDS and other delicate equipment.
AF Multi-Screen Clene with Micro-Fibre Cloth Pack of 1 AF Multi-Screen Clene With Microfibre Cloth. Suitable for delicate plasma technologies and all computer monitor and laptop screens. Also cleans the screens of PSPs, phones and MP3 players. For best results use the Easy-Clene cloth provided.
AF Mobile Technology 25 Wipes AMTW025P Pack of 1 These universal AF cleaning wipes are designed for all forms of mobile technology; including smartphones; tablets; GPS and portable gaming devices. Designed specifically for delicate surfaces; the wipes provide an effective clean and smear-free finish. Non-flammable and alcohol-free; the wipes come ...
AF Foamclene Anti-Static Foam Cleaner 300ml AFCL300 Pack of 1 300ml anti-static foam cleaner for removing ingrained grease dirt and dust. Can be used on plastic casings office furniture and walls metals and plastics. Anti-static properties reduce the build-up of dust. Non-flammable.
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